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Frequently Asked Questions

Check back here frequently for updated FAQs.

I've been told my contract is ending soon. When does my position transition to the new contract?

Within two weeks of award or permission from government.

When will I be contacted about a job offer?

Don’t wait for a job offer. Be proactive and contact us so we can start the process. There is a large workforce to transition so it is best to communicate with us now.

What if I don't see my position?

The Government will make a final determination on positions. Please respond to any nearby opening to be considered.

Can I apply for a new position?

Yes. Incumbent personnel are encouraged to apply for any position for which they are qualified.

Will I be offered medical benefits, vacations, and holidays?

Yes, for full time and in most cases part time staff, you will be provided a comprehensive set of benefits, vacation, and holiday pay.

I have unique health are requirements. Who can I discuss this with privately?

We respect and protect your confidentiality. We have Benefits Specialists that you can speak to in private about any personal matters.