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Pharmacy Solutions

Solving Complex Pharmacy Challenges 

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Core Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Capabilities

We help our customers and members solve complex pharmacy challenges by connecting them to the people, technology and information they need to make smarter healthcare decisions. 

We deliver true value-driven solutions, including: 

  • Targeted clinical programs 
  • Powerful member and provider engagement strategies 
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Expert specialty pharmacy management capabilities 
Targeted Clinical Programs

We offer a comprehensive suite of clinical programs that provide the essentials you’d expect from your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), along with boundary-pushing solutions that drive momentum and deliver real results. 

Our motivation to collaborate and discover allows us to gain and share insights that help our customers and members make better healthcare decisions and truly lead humanity to healthy, vibrant lives. 

Traditional and Specialty Drug Management

We have more than 15 years of experience in total specialty management, making us experts in this complex environment.

We effectively manage rising specialty costs by uncovering the real trend drivers, identifying opportunities with data, and driving results through a comprehensive portfolio of proven solutions:

  • Pharmacy and medical benefit management
  • Formulary and management rebate strategies
  • Leading-edge patient engagement programs
  • High touch orphan disease programs
  • Motivational interviewing clinical techniques
  • Comprehensive condition-specific management
Insights and Analytics

We believe in providing our clients with the knowledge to make more informed decisions. To help us do this, we significantly invest in the development of cutting-edge, smart tools that transform data into meaningful and actionable insights to help drive better outcomes.