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Demonstrated Impact

Our Expertise in Action

Your partner in delivering the most sensitive and complex federal health and wellness programs. Military culture is embedded in the Magellan Federal team, our infrastructure, and processes. Our services are designed to support the unique and global needs of Warriors and their Families.

Here are a few ways we’re making an impact with our Solutions:


Coaching and Care ManagementCoaching & Care Management

We support the Army Resilience Directorate through education, training, and coaching to increase the physical and psychological health, resilience, and performance of soldiers, families, and civilians on the Ready and Resilient program. We are the world’s largest single employer of professionals with specialized training in performance psychology and coaching. During the past 5 years, we have successfully certified more than 22,000 Master Resilience Trainers and have delivered education and training to more than 3 million within the Army population, face-to-face and virtually.

Behavioral Health, SpecialtyEmployee Assistance Programs

Magellan’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers services to enhance emotional wellness, reduce stress, and increase productivity. We have 50 years of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) experience, covering more than three million lives of civil servants and families across multiple government agencies. Our Federal EAP services include support to Department of Defense, Air Force, Navy, Health and Human Services Federal Occupational Health, and Federal Aviation Administration. We have 102,000 EAP providers globally. We maintain 24/7/365 call centers covering the 50 US states/territories continuously, and internationally. We managed 304 critical incident responses and conducted 1275 health and wellness trainings in FY 2023 alone. Read More

Family Support ServicesFamily Support Services

The Military & Family Life Counseling (MFLC) program promotes improved well-being, resiliency, and readiness among service members and their families through the provision of  confidential, face-to-face counseling. Our services are delivered by 1,400+ counselors at 180+ military installations around the world. Each month, we provide over 97,000 counseling sessions and 39,000 consultations for individuals and families. In addition to counseling/consultation sessions, we provide over 60,000 outreach and engagement services as well as 80,000 referrals to available benefits and resources. Our MFLCs specialize in applying evidence based interventions that address complex stressors associated with military life.  Of non-medical counseling participants reporting moderate, severe, or very severe problem severity before a counseling session, over 85% reported improvement in their ability to manage the problem for which they sought counseling after the session.  Installation points of contact) report a 99% satisfaction rate with the quality of our services.

The Adolescent Support and Counseling Services Program (ASACS) program provides individual, group and family counseling sessions at Department of Defense Schools OCONUS, as well as within Hawaii Public Schools. Our services are delivered by 27 counselors at 18 military installations around the world. In 2023, we provided over 14,000 counseling sessions and almost 2,000 Prevention Education Activities on school campuses or in the communities, which served over 33,000 participants. In these lessons, 90% rated that they learned new skills and would use the skills to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Military + Veteran Benefits Support

Military Transition Services

Through our support to the Defense Health Agency, Warrior Care Recovery Coordination Program (RCP) and the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command Recovery Care Management (NECC RCM) Program, we provide professional support services to 20,000+ wounded, ill, and injured Service members. These services include non-clinical case management, caregiver support, education and employment transition, and adaptive sports programs. Since the inception of these programs we have provided direct assistance to over 225,000 wounded, ill and injured service members.

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