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The Magellan Federal Difference

Our mission is a personal cause for each and every one of us. We are dedicated to delivering personalized care solutions. 


At Magellan Federal, we believe people are complex, and that true health solutions must encompass the entire human experience. We address health and life challenges across multiple causal factors, looking at the “whole life” dynamic of health, employment, finance, and family.   


We’ve walked in your shoes and understand your needs. Many of the amazing individuals that make up Magellan Federal have served or have family members who have served.  


Our unique heritage and decades of proven experience allow us to address the unique needs of service members and federal personnel ensuring proven best-practices and faster time to results. 


We are there whenever and wherever our clients need us, with the ability to scale up and surge to meet changing needs 24/7/365, around the globe. 


We solve for root causes of the most costly and complex health and well-being challenges, eliminating the inefficiency of chasing only symptoms.  


Our solutions are developed using data driven insights from large-scale research and program data on both commercial and federal populations.

Magellan Federal’s working relationships with the government is excellent, and it is clear their philosophy is to always strive to provide the customer what they need to accomplish the tasks at hand. Extremely customer-focused.