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About Us

Empowering government personnel, military service members, and civilians  to live healthier, more productive lives.

A Magellan Health business, Magellan Federal delivers sensitive, complex wellness services to our Nation’s fighting forces, federal civilian employees, and their families. Our expertise spans decades of supporting federal agencies with missions and programs that enable the next generation of healthcare.

We are veterans, counselors, clinicians, and trainers that deliver wellness and productivity solutions for every phase of life across health, career, finance, and family to treat the root cause of life challenges, not just the symptoms.

We’ve proudly supported the needs of government and military families for decades.

From PTSD treatment to skills training and financial planning, our combination of market expertise and clinical innovation improves the lives of our clients at their most difficult times.

Our solutions across complex population management, behavioral health, specialty medical management, and human performance are developed using data-driven insights from large-scale research on both commercial and federal populations.