Magellan Federal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation, a Fortune 25 company. With headquarters in Arlington, VA, we have over 2,800+ employees delivering services to more than 327+ locations around the world.

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We are a proud sponsor of the 2023 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition, and support several government programs, including:

  • Army Resilience Directorate-Training Support
  • Army Family Advocacy Support Services
  • Non-Clinical Counseling Services
  • Military OneSource

A Closer Look At Our Focus Areas

  • Spiritual. A strong sense of self, core values and beliefs, and purpose in life to form a solid foundation
  • Mental & Emotional. Skills to improve awareness of thoughts and emotions and increase self-regulation foundation.
  • Social. Meaningful relationships, sense of belonging, and cohesion.
  • Physical. Health and recovery principles to maximize the mind-body connection for resilience and thriving.

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