Meet the Onsite Team

Meet our 2022 NOVA onsite team, meet our Magellan Federal Victim Advocate subject matter experts, marketing team, and even our leadership!

Anna Sever | Interim CEO, Magellan Federal

Ms. Sever’s expansive experience as a healthcare and social services executive comes with over 20 years of progressive management responsibilities including spearheading growth and new business initiatives with Federal contractors.

Steve Schmith | VP, Federal Program Operations

Steve leads the Human Readiness Division, including over 1,100 employees on dozens of contracts at over 200 worldwide locations.

Stacy Drones | Sr. Director, Family Programs

As Senior Director of Family Programs, Stacy oversees victim services and family support contracts.

Susan Morris | Director, Business Development

As Director of Strategy and Growth, Susan focuses on victim services and family support contracts.

D’ete Foster | DAVA Trainer and Curriculum Specialist

As DAVA Curriculum & Training Specialist, D’ete focus on training current staff in victim services and family support contracts. She supports the Magellan Federal victim advocate staff along with various other military victim advocates. D’ete has been in the advocacy field for 13 plus years in various roles.

Chris Carter | Manager, Communications Marketing

As a member of the Magellan Federal team, Chris is proud to support his colleagues in all their professional endeavors, including victim advocacy.