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As a champion of victim advocacy, Magellan Federal is honored to sponsor the 49th NOVA Annual Training Event. In support of the NOVA mission, we provide global advocacy support to Military families with more than 100+ Domestic Abuse Victim Advocates (DAVAs), offering victim response and 24/7 advocacy to survivors of domestic and family violence.

We are proud of our work at Magellan Federal and invite you to get to know us better. Discover our capabilities, download DAVA career information, and review our Workshop presentation Developing a No Wrong Door Approach: Enhancing Support for Military Domestic Violence Survivors.

With Gratitude

Magellan Federal recognizes our partner, IVA’AL Solutions, LLC, in this important work. IVA’AL is prime for the Air Force contract, and we are grateful to them for their collaboration in observing our military families.

About Our Victim Advocate Support Services

First line of Communication. We man 24/7 hotlines to offer support when it is need. Our Victim Advocates coordinate medical treatment and counseling services for victims and their families.

Victim Rights. We help victims work with law enforcement, military commanders and both the military and civilian legal system. When necessary, we advocate on the victim’s behalf. We ensure victims understand their rights and ensure they receive the support to which they are entitled.

Information is private.  Each case is treated according to the needs of the victims and all information is stored in accordance with HIPAA regulations.  Our staff is sensitive to the nature of this information and ensure it is secure

Constant Improvement. Once a month all clinical staffing cases are reviewed by leadership and peer review to ensure accuracy and compliance.  Staff members communicate quarterly to access the progress of services and identify any challenges to the program.

Training. Given the nature of this work, we ensure our staff is trained and licensed accordingly.  We have licensed Social Workers, Registered Nurses, and Nationally Certified Victim Advocates.  Our staff receive over 40 of training in additional to any certifications/licenses before they man the hotline and take on cases.  Each Advocate must complete HIPAA yearly training.

Behavioral Health Resources

Magellan is committed to increasing awareness of mental health issues and providing free resources and expert advice. We encourage you to use these materials to learn more.

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