We are committed to collaborating with suppliers that enhance our organization’s value by offering innovative solutions and supporting our dedication to supplying our clients with the highest quality of service and performance.

Procurement / Strategic Sourcing Mission Statement

“To acquire the highest quality materials, commodities and services for Magellan Federal and subsidiaries, in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner using professional methods and practices that are consistent with company and government policies, procedures and ethical standards.”

Consistent with all areas of our business, Magellan Federal proudly strives to maintain an environment that promotes, fosters and improves the quality of goods and services purchased from our highly respected suppliers.

We recognize that an open, competitive atmosphere is beneficial for our service communities, and it is our goal to advance this environment.

Magellan Federal has a strong commitment to develop relationships with small business subcontractors representing a variety of business sizes as defined by the Small Business Administration.  We engage with small businesses to offer opportunities through throughout the procurement process in support of our programs as well as growth/new business activities.

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