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Empowering government personnel, military service members, and civilians to live healthier, more productive lives

Armed Forces Services Corporation (AFSC), doing business as (dba) Magellan Federal, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Magellan Healthcare, Inc., a Centene company. With headquarters in Arlington, VA, we have over 2,650+ employees delivering services on more than 329 bases, installations, and agencies around the world.

About Us

  • We are veterans, counselors, clinicians, and trainers that deliver wellness and productivity solutions for every phase of life — across health, career, finance, and family — to treat the root cause of life challenges, not just the symptoms.  
  • We’ve proudly supported the needs of government and military families for decades. 
  • From PTSD treatment to skills training and financial planning, our combination of market expertise and clinical innovation improves the lives of our clients at their most difficult times.  
  • Our solutions across complex population management, behavioral health, specialty medical management, pharmacy and human performance are developed using data-driven insights from large-scale research on both commercial and federal populations. 


Magellan Federal



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People who serve are unique, and we are committed to providing the support they need, wherever the mission takes them.

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