Amber Terrell

As a Navy spouse for 12 years, I experienced the ups and downs of military life, including TDYs deployments (Temporary duty station), 4 PCSs (Permanent Change of Station), surprise orders, and living overseas. While the separation from family, inability to make reliable plans, and the “hurry up and wait” environment made some things difficult, I am eternally grateful for the positives of seeing distant parts of the world, getting to know people from all over, gaining friends who became like family, and being a part of the close-knit military community.

Working at Magellan has allowed me to keep my job while following my husband’s active-duty orders. I also get to apply my experience to helping other military families. Despite all MFLCs being specially trained in military life and culture, the first-hand experience can’t be replicated. Working as an MFLC lets me both retain a connection to military life and use my knowledge for the good of others.